Friday, August 1, 2008

Gluten free cooking

Lately I've been cooking as much as I can. These days standing for long periods of time bothers me too much so I've been working on some of my recipes that take awhile to cook. First up is the delicious pinto beans I made. I can not believe how good these turned out with just a few simple ingrediants.

Pintos and Rice

Soak a pound of pinto beans over night. Make sure you rinse them and pick out any stones.

The next day drain and rinse soaked beans and place in large pot and cover with water by a few inches and cook for and hour and a half.

After the hour and a half add the salt pork, salt, pepper, garlic powder and whatever spice you are in the mood for and you will probably need to add several more cups of water at this point. I also shook in some worchestire sauce and Franks Red Hot sauce. Probably a few tablespoons or more of each. Cook for several hours more. I never keep track of time I just cook until the water has cooked down to a nice thick broth and beans. I then took out the salt pork and shredded off any pork meat and added it back to the beans and made some nice Jasmine rice in my rice cooker. I spooned out beans on a plate and topped with some rice and cut up a raw onion to eat with it. Wala! Delicious beans and rice. Next time I will try it with red beans but for some reason those are hard to find around here. I've also since making this realized that I am not tolerating raw onions at all right now so no raw onion for me next time. You could also fry some potatoes to eat along side instead of the rice. I have done this in the past but wanted it a little more healthy this time although brown rice would have been even better.

Also, today I am making coconut yogurt and I made a whole chicken and some soup with goodies from my garden. See my haul from the garden.

I will post how those turned out another day. The yogurt has an hour to go yet and the soup I haven't tried yet so can't report on the taste. I flew by the seat of my pants on that one. Hopefully tomorrow will be a baking day and I will get a peach crisp made with peaches from a local farmers stand and a zucchini cake made with zucchini from my garden and my beloved Better Batter Flour.

I did want to report in on the turkey nuggets I made for our night at the drive in. First I will say that Step Brothers movie was one of the worst I've seen in a long time and Hancock was hyped up to be better than it actually was.

The nuggets were good but it did not curb my craving for fast food chicken strips. Since being gluten free and not being able to eat out very often due to limited food choices and not trusting that it will be made properly whenever I am in the mood for fast food I fry up some chicken strips and roast some potatoes in the oven. Yum! I will be making that this week because chicken strips are on sale this week. Here's a pic of the nuggets.

Off to the store!


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