Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick post


Not much posting from me (as usual) but I have been busy crafting and sewing away and will be sharing lots of photos soon.

I have decided to cut my computer time to one hour a day for Lent. The time flies by on here and before I know it I'll have been on for several hours! Then the day will be gone so the one hour a day was born and several friends are doing it as well. I'm really enjoying every thing I'm getting done and will probably keep my time limited even after Lent is over.

I did want to mention that in a previous post I posted photos of the baby pants I made for a young friend who is having a girl soon. I love, love, love this pattern and the blog of the designer. I was reading the licensing on the pants pattern yesterday and realized that I was supposed to ask before posting a picture of any thing I make from the pattern so I have e-mailed her for permission to do that so you can see the slew of pants I am making for my grand baby that is coming. I believe I posted a link to her blog in that pants post. You really need to check out her site. It has given me so much sewing inspiration! It's Made by Rae.

Well my hour is almost up so I need to scoot. No photos in this post! A first for me. My next one will be jammed packed with photos of what I have been working on these days. You wait, you will be blown away my friends.....blown. a. way.


Monday, March 7, 2011

What's on my design wall.....

A friend on my Flylady Quilter group (*waving* Hi ladies!) asked to see what was on our design walls so I thought, hey, I actually have a photo of what is actually on my design wall right now, go figure. This is the start of a graduation quilt for my daughters friend. I really like how it's coming along but I have a long way to go on it yet. Lots more half square triangles to make before I am done and a ton of seams in it so I need to factor that in when thinking of a quilting design.

Well I guess it won't finish itself *sigh*.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yeah, so.....

So I don't post to my blog very often.....what's your point! I just figure I'll post when I have projects done so this tells you how often I get projects done right. Kinda sad really. I should get off my tush more often and work on things but you know how it is when you seem to have quilt block.

So let me show you what I have been working on. This is a finished Dresden plate block. I made 12 of these to make a large quilt. Next step is to put the blocks together.

These blocks will alternate with Dresden plates sewn onto tan blocks as well.

I've also been in baby mode lately. A friends daughter is having a little girl in April or May so I've been working on a quilt for her. I still need to do the quilting on it so will share a picture when that is done but I've also made these really cute baby pants.



This pattern is called Big Butt Baby pants from Made by Rae. This is a great pattern! I love it! So easy to put together and fast and fun to make. They're super adorable and roomy. They were designed for babies who wear cloth diapers but are just as great for those who wear disposables too. Excellent pattern and great, clear instructions. I will be making a ton of these for my grand baby as soon as I know what my daughter will be having. You should check out her site too. The writing is great and the photography is wonderful and great tutorials. This month she is doing a series along with another blogger from Made called Celebrate the Boy. Lots of great projects for the boy in your life. I don't have a boy in my life (other than my fabulous husband but these aren't projects for him) but even so I have been checking out their sites several times a day in anticipation of reading about their next project or reading some thing from a guest blogger.

Even though I haven't been getting many projects done lately I did manage to get a Downy Quilt for Kids quilt finished and sent off.

To finish for today I will show the 2 books I am excited to now have in my hot little hands.

I'm looking forward to making some thing from these books. Especially Word Play Quilts. That should be fun!

Well, I guess I should go to my sewing room now and find some thing to sew.