Monday, December 28, 2009

The year of the Wii Fit and a finish to share and Christmas.....

Hi all first I have a finish to share. I could not share earlier because it was a Christmas gift and you never know who may check out the blog you know.

It turned out a little smaller than I thought it was going to be. I used a high loft batting and triple layered it, tied it and then binded it. It passed inspection don't you think?

Christmas was great around here, lots of nice gifts for every one and a great day. Here is a pic of Dan and Susan with one of the gifts she got him. The new connect 4. They used to play the original over and over when she was little so we thought this would be a fun gift.

On Christmas Eve Susan put her car in a ditch taking her friend home. It was more of a ravine and she ended facing the opposite way she was going. Scared her to death and while waiting for me to get there she text one of her friends what happened so he and another friend of hers decided they would go try to pull her out. I said no and sent them home and on their way home they slid off the road and hit a tree and totaled the suv they were in. No one was hurt thankfully but this tells you how the roads were that day. I almost put myself in a ditch going to where Susan was. If I had known how the roads were I would not have let her drive that day. Here are some pics of the car and Dan and the neighbor Jim getting it out. The truck is Dan's new one (new to us) and they were both a little disappointed that it was so easy to get the car out LOL they were up for a challenge.

The weekend before Christmas Susan had her winter semi formal and also her Christmas band and chior concert. She had a very nice long solo during the band concert.

Here's a picture of me and Susan Christmas night and me and Dan. She was playing with her new camera.

Okay, now about the year of the Wii Fit. So we bought a Wii Fit for Christmas and me and Dan have decided to use it. I've been using it so far but starting on January 1st we will see if I can use it every day. We do have a few short vacations planned so I will come up with some thing for those times but for now I am going to try to use it every day and I will blog it and my progress so if you have one I encourage you to follow along. Also, if you learn any thing from me let it be this, if you do the running on the Wii Fit...... wear a bra! Ouch!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey Mom.....& Christmas stuff

Want to rescue another kitten??? This little thing showed up over the weekend.

Cute thing isn't it? It finally let me pet it today. I got an up close look and still can't tell if it's a boy or girl. It's trying really hard to make friends with our other cats and trying to play with them. I'm pretty sure some one dropped it off. It had zero dirt on it's white fur, was well fed and came when I gave the kitty kitty call but was too scared to come up to us.

Last night Susan volunteered to be part of a pep band to play at the lighting of the towns Christmas tree. There were a decent amount of kids that volunteered from the band.

We finally got the outside Christmas decorations done. Susan strung the lights on her pine tree. It's really getting huge. She planted it when she was in third grade I think. They gave it to them in school for earth day. Hers was the only one in her class to survive.

Nothing quilty or crafty has been completed lately and no renovations have been completed yet either. Dan was off for a few days for the holiday and we got a lot of our shopping done and our decorating is done and now it's back to business. And this picture I will share because it was funny. Dan was playing tennis on the Wii and the dogs were very confused and didn't understand what was going on. Molly might be a little difficult to see in this pic.