Tuesday, August 5, 2008

See how big they are now?

My goats that is. Just some updated pictures of how big my goats have gotten. You can see pics of them as babies in my very first post on this blog.
This is Mimi. She will be Susan's showmanship goat.

This is Miss Priss. Mimi's comapnion and an open class goat for Susan.

This is Waffles. He is Susan's market goat and will be sold at fair and most likely will end up in some ones freezer. I am looking forward to him not coming back. He would not be a good pet for some one as he is a bully who constantly jumps up on me and tries to head butt me. He has been sucessful a few times and I am fed up with him.

Just a little over a month until we go to fair. I'm hoping to be in tip top shape by then (fingers crossed). I see the RA doc tomorrow so we'll see what happens. It will probably be another long haul.

I've been looking for paint colors for the living room, dining room and kitchen. We need to replace the french doors and flooring and since we need to do that we may as well paint. I've been looking at some bright colors. Dan's not really fond of some I've shown him but said he will live with whatever I choose. I've been looking for some thing nice and bright since I've been so down lately it would be nice to have some thing cheerful on the walls. We'll see though, I don't want to paint some thing Dan will hate. I've been thinking about painting our bedroom and my sewing room too but he doesn't know about that yet, hahaha!


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Sandy said...

Wow!!! Those goats have grown ...
They look so well cared for and in good condition, well done Susan.

As for the arthritis - maybe I was just lucky as though it took seemingly forever to diagnose initially - including 3 months in hospital unable to even stand - once i saw a rheumatologist things really improved, haven't had to see one for quite some years now so I hope the outcomes are as good for you.
Sandy in South Australia