Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look who's mobile!

Yep, that is THE pink slip. Beware Michiganders, Susan is mobile. She is now allowed to sit behind the wheel of a 4,000 pound weapon going 55 miles an hour! ACK!

You know I'm just kidding. She actually did well driving home from the meeting. She just needs to practice more. This is the first step in the Michigan graduated lincese program. I think it's a good idea, the only problem is we have to go to the Secretary of State at least 3 times! That place sucks and thanks to our state we now only have 1 to go to in the whole county, so you can imagine the wait time. Oh well.

Well as you know we have goats and Susan uses them for fair and fair time is almost upon us. We are about 3 weeks and counting and our goat club has an old banner that they have entered for judging for, it's been determined, about 15 years! I figured that when I saw it. I remember my mom using some of those fabrics in the 80's. Anyways I have volunteered to make us a new one. I figured it was a good jump back into my sewing and painting creativity. So I've been working on it for several weeks and it is now done except for the binding and sleeve which I will finish today. It also needs some flowers added to it which I will do tomorrow as I am taking it tonight to show to a few people. Here is a picture of the one they have been showing for over 15 years.

And here is the new, updated banner.

One of the kids drew the goats and Susan cut everything out and decided on placement, fabrics and painted the grass and sky background.

I also wanted to mention what I made for dinner last night. I made the Fresh Corn Chowder recipe from the Fix it and Forget it Lightly cook book and converted it to gluten free, dairy free, soy free, onion free, and there's some thing else but I can't remeber it right now. Ha! Anyways it is delicious and will be made again and often. It would be great with chicken or ham or bacon added too but was great as is. you really need to try it. Too bad it was eaten up before I could take a picture. I'll take one next time.


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