Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sewing room remodel & prom

My sewing room is done! It turned out great if I do say so myself. The colors are exactly what I imagined. The before pictures I will hopefully be posting are older photos from when I did a sewing room clean up about a year ago or so. I say hopefully because I hope to find them in all the photos on this computer.....

Well, no such luck on finding those before photos. If you got to an older post on my blog you will find a sewing room clean up post with all kinds of pictures of my sewing room. I will post a couple of photos that were taken of sewing projects and in those you will be able to see what the walls looked like and the carpeting I had in there. This picture shows some pants I was making but if you look at the bottom you will see the carpet that was in there.

In this one I was making an apron but you can see what the walls looked like and you can see the carpet in this one too. I must have just cleaned my sewing room because it's looking pretty cleaned up LOL.

Ok, now for the new sewing room.


Looks great right! I love working in there. It's so much fun.

What will the first thing I make in there you ask? Well thank you for asking! It will be a bay quilt that I have been dying to make ever since I bought this baby quilt book. Here are the fabrics I will be working with.

It will turn into a version of this when it is done. Sorry about the photo being on it's side.

This past weekend was Susan's prom. Her and her friends had a good time even with some disaster along the way that ended up with them missing the post prom party bus and because of that they were not allowed to go. Not their fault at all. Completely the limo drivers fault, but the important part was they did have fun even though they are pretty upset about missing the post prom.

Well that is it for now. I'm off to do the dreaded grocery shopping and then into my sewing room to play!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's try again....

Well since my computer decided to revolt on me before let's see if I can upload after pictures of Susan's room today.

Susan working on her room.

In this one Dan is putting in the base boards and you can see the color of the walls and the black stripe is a section painted with chalk board paint. It turned out really cool too. I may paint a section in my sewing room too.

Susan made her mark on her closet door.

Just a shot of what we've been living with lately. This is Susan's stuff in the living room. Now it's my sewing room stuff. Maybe tomorrow I will find time to post before and afters of that.

Well that is it for today.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Remodeling madness

We are remodeling and I decided to go ahead and post Susan's room. Her room is finished minus the trim around the ceiling and the shelves that will be put up in a couple of days. You will see what we did in there though. Hereis a before picture from her room.

Yes, I am serious. Her room was ridiculous! She got rid of a ton of stuff and it went to the yard sale fundraiser for their Englad trip. We still have a ton of stuff they can have for their next one this summer.

Here are some pictures after the painting is done. The chalk board is painted on the wall and turned out really cool and in one photo Dan is places the baseboards on.

Well shoot. My computer went all funny on me and won't show any of my pictures so I guess I will have to leave you wondering for right now. I will say that I have started my sewing room and it is almost done. Just one more row of flooring and the closet and baseboards and then I can put every thing back in there, yeah! It should be done tomorrow and then I will take a break before starting our bedroom.

Spring has sprung here and we have been doing a lot of yard work. We have already mowed twice. My tulips are beautiful! I will be putting more in the ground this fall.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Hopefully pictures of the redone rooms next time.