Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crock pot inspiration

I've been reading a blog called a year of crock potting lately. I don't know blog etiquette as far as linking to another blog so I won't but you have got to check out this site. Not only does she have fatastic crock pot recipes but she is gluten free! It's a Celiac's dream come true. Her blog has inspired me to get my crock pots out and use them at least once a week. Last week I tried a recipe of mushroom soup from her blog. Here's what I used.

And here is the soup after putting it all together.

Unfortunatly I didn't take an after picture but the soup was pretty good. The only problem for me was I used too much italian seasoning in it. I tend to over estimate my spices some times. I also added cornstartch at the end to thicken it up a bit. I will be making this again.

I got my blood test results from the doctor Tuesday and found I have a vitamin D deficency so am now on a supplement. I also saw my internist today and she said she is leaning towards fibromyalgia (I hope I spelled that correctly) as the cause to a lot of my pain so I am now on a new med to see how it works. I'm starting on a very low dose and will work up from there since I am pretty sensitive to meds.

Well, not too much more news going on. I am working on a project for the goat club but I have been so tired lately that I haven't done too much on it. I did get the canvas cut out and hopefully tomorrow I will get started on the painting. I have about a month to get it done. That is very doable. I've also been trying to clean up the house bit. It can be difficult so I do a little and sit, do a little more then sit. I'm not sure where this even more extream fatigue is coming from but it sure makes things difficult for me.


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AverettLadyNana said...

You can link to another blog. I haven't been blogging long either. On the compose page there is an icon to click on to add a link in your blog message. You can do it two highlight a word such as I saw this idea on 'name' blog and you highlight blog or that person's name. Then click on the icon, a box pops up, add the blog webpage address in the box and enter or ok whichever it is and if you click on that work in on your blog page it will take you to that link. Or if you don't highlight a word and just click on the icon for link then it will entered it as the blog's web address. I'm not sure what the link icon looks like but if you float your mouse pointer over the icons LINK will appear telling you that's the one. Hope that makes sense.