Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome to Vegas!

My first thought driving down the strip at 1 in the afternoon after landing. Wow, this is really cheesy and a bit disappointing. I'm not sure what I was expecting but seeing things like the Luxor in person felt like it was an attraction at Disney World and I hated Disney World.

We checked in and spent the first day looking for stores to buy gluten free foods for our room. The first store we managed to find was Trader Joes. What a HUGE disappointment. I could get more gluten free options at my local Meijer grocery store, so why people rave about this store is beyond me. While out we kept an eye out for a gluten free friendly restaurant from my list I had. Let me tell you, I thought I was prepared to eat gluten free in Vegas but I was not at all. we couldn't find anything. So, okay, I'll admit it, we finally found a Walmart and purchased a GPS system (Ha,Ha!!). Technology is awesome! So, we finally found Whole Foods and it was like heaven! What a fantastic store. I wish they would build one with in 100 miles from my house. It would totally be worth a trip once a month or so. So, over 50 miles of driving and stopping at a few stores we found Whole Foods and saw a Chili's and I decided to chance it there and they were really great. Understood everything about gluten free eating and I had a delicious meal and never got sick. We came back to our room after that because after all the flying and driving I had a migraine but I will admit, coming back onto the strip after dark when all the lights were lit up I was much happier with what I was seeing. This was the vegas I was thinking of when I thought of Vegas. Beautiful! Like the 4th of July every night. With the time difference it was like 10pm here but for us it was 1am and I was beat so we went to bed. Here are a few picture I snapped coming back into town.

The balloon and eiffel tower from Bally's Paris. We are staying in Bally's and Paris is attached. Very pretty. We haven't gone up the eiffel tower yet but we will. I bet the view at night is awesome.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

15 years tomorrow!

Tomorrow is mine and dh's 15th year anniversary! I am so thrilled with us.
This me, dh and our beautiful daughter.

Today we will be taking the goats to a friends house who will take care of them while we are in Las Vegas (2 days and counting)! They are in need of a feet trimming so we will do that as well. I am a little nervous about that because I've never done it myself and seeing it done grosses me out. On a goat you trim their foot pad and I've always had dogs and that is a no no so when I see it done on a goat I have trouble getting away from the no no part from the dogs. But, it is very necessary on these animals so it will be done and I will survive, as will my goats. I am interested in hearing what she thinks of how my girls look. They did come from her heard after all. I'll be sure to take my camera with me and maybe get a pic of my girls mothers.

Saw the doctor the other day and had a physical. I am being refered back to a neurosurgeon for this sciatic nerve and back pain of mine. Talk about painful and physical therapy has only made it worse. At least the arthritis flair has died down a little. So I have me a supply of pain pills for Vegas and just everyday need. I will be interesting to see what he says.

So it's raining all day today, a perfect day to work on the packing. I've got the clothes done and need to get the rest together. Also some items to entertain myself while dh is in his meetings.

Well, since I don't have any new pics to share I will share some of the flowers blooming in my flower beds. I always like to look at those.

This is the rhodendren (probably spelled wrong) next to my house. Me and dh both love it. The picture behind the title of my blog is a close up of one of the flowers on this bush.

This I don't remember what it is called but it is sprouting the most pretty tiny pink flowers. I love it.

This is one of the jumping jacks in my wild flower bed. These little guys pop up in all kinds of places in the yard.

This is one of my many hens and chicks. These are one of my favorite plants of all my flower beds. They survive anything and are just really cool with how they grow. I've got one that I think is getting ready to bloom and that will be the first time I've had that happen in the 10 years I've had them. Well, the house work won't get done on it's own.


Monday, June 23, 2008

No more physical therapy

A little background.....

I've been doing physical therapy for the last 2 months to strengthen my back. Well, the back is strengthened and my flexiability is great but I am in a lot of pain with my sciatic nerve and spine inflammation. I can not take any arthritis meds right now due to an asprin allergy and no ibuprofren due to the celiac and my intestines. So I have a doctors appointment today and will discuss with her what I can do until I see the RA in August. I am in some serious pain here and how am I expected to walk around Vegas like this? Dh reserved a rental car last night so we can get to places off the strip and get to grocery stores that carry gluten free items. Plus we will see the Grand Canyon, yay!

So anyways, I was discharged from PT thank goodness. Driving there 3 times a week was a gas killer! It's over 4 dollars a gallon now and my PT Cruiser is not the greatest for gas mileage.

Storms came through yesterday and look what dd noticed out back....

Pretty rainbow. And just for the fun of it....

Fathers day. And this one....

Leaving for camp with the church youth group. They had a blast.

Well that is about it for today. I did manage to work on a scrapbook page, but it's not done yet. I'm working on the pictures from the cruise we went on last April. I need to start doing laundry and packing for our vegas trip, yippee. Can you believe they are charging per suitecase that you check now? Some thing like 15 dollars! Is that outrageous or what, like we don't pay enough for the tickets and convience fees. What's so convient about it anyway. My gluten free dinner tonight will be chicken fajitas I think.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

First posting

Well, I've decided to give blogging a shot. It seems like it will be fun to share what is going on in my life and maybe a little helpful to anyone else dealing with the same issues I have going on.... maybe. So I'll just start from today on and you'll eventually be caught up.

Well, when I woke up this morning I knew it would be a hard day for me from the pain in my hip and back. Thankfully I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and can maybe get some thing to help. I still have a month and a week until my appointment with the arthritis doc. So I fed the goats, took the dogs out to their kennel and started this blog.

A little about my goats.....

This is Mimi on the stump and Miss Priss standing on the ground. This was the day we brought them home. They are much bigger now. I will have to post some updated photos another time. I must say I really enjoy having these guys here to take care of. I get outside everyday and get some walking in that I need and they are so loveable. They just want a good meal and a good petting. They are fun to watch run around and play together.

The brown one is Waffles. He is my daughters market goat for 4-H and can be a real pain in the butt at times but I enjoy taking care of him as well.

Well, enough about the goats and I need to spend the day cleaning up the kitchen and finishing up laundry a little at a time when I can. I need to pack this week becuase Saturday me and dh are leaving for Las Vegas so I should have some good pics and stuff to talk about. I'm always nervous traveling because it can be hard to find gluten free foods in restaurants but I am armed with a list and will hopefully have no trouble.