Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pulse Fest

We went to World Pulse Fest today with Susan's youth group. It's always a good time and had some good bands. We saw....

C 3
Mandisa (from American Idol)
Toby Mac
and the first song of Casting Crowns.

Susan stood in line most of the day for C 3 and Skillet's autograph. She said all the people from Skillet's band were really nice and talked to her except their female guitar player. She signed her poster and kind of threw it back at her without saying a word. Talk about rude! These kids are the ones who buy their music and make them popular and for her to be like that is disappointing.

Susan stood in line all day and Dan was doing this....

Yeah......I'm serious.

I don't know how he can sleep anywhere. We had a speaker right in front of us. Susan can sleep like that too. It must be genetic. He didn't sleep all day though, it was more of a quick nap.

So, I have to say my favorite band was Skllet although I am disappointed to now hear how the one member was but they were still good. Here's a few pics of them. They look like tiny ants right.

Susan's favorite was Toby Mac. These pics are ones she took from her camera as she was much much closer than us.

He is one brave guy. At the end of his set he jumped into the crowd twice.

These are pics of the C 3 band. Susan took them when she got their autograph.

Unfortunatly Skillet would not let her take a picture. It was either autograph or picture but not both.

Hummmm......maybe they are a bit big for ther britches huh.

A picture of Susan and Loren just for fun.

Now here is some thing exciting for you celiacs out here. If you have one around you Nelsons Porta Pit is Gluten free, soy free, dairy free, MSG free and a whole long list of allergin free. And their potatoes are only the best ever! So if you see one on the side of the road for a charity (that's what they are usually set up for) pull over and give them a try. You will not regret it.


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