Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coconut milk yogurt success!

Yesterday I experimented with making a gluten free, soy free, dairy free yogurt using coconut milk. I read a few recipes on line and decided to wing it. So I got out my yogurt maker....

I love this yogurt maker. When I bought it I opted for this one because of all the individual jars. I really liked that feature and enjoy using it.

Here are the ingrediants I used.

The only difference is I decided not to use the xanthan gum because I noticed the coconut milk had guar gum in it already so wanted to see what would happen. I did add a little bit of sugar also which I will leave out next time. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the probiotic I chose to purchase. It wasn't a yogurt starter but it was a freeze dried powdered multidophilus, the same stuff in yogurt so I figured it would work just fine. And work fine it did. I let it incubate for about 8 hours and it thickened nicely. It tasted delicious! I let it cool in the fridge for several hours and added some nice fresh blueberries and it was great. I was suprised at how much it tasted like coconut. I do like my yogurt a touch thicker so next time I will add some xanthan gum to see what that does for it.

Looks good right. The only thing I wonder about is if my probiotic was still living in it and if I was still getting the benefit it provides. I don't know a whole lot about yogurt making yet so I guess I need to look into it but the fact that it thickened nicely I think may have ment it was.

In the oven right now is a peach cobbler that I also decided to wing. We'll see how that turns out.



ifly4fun said...

I have been hunting for a dairy-free yogurt starter and wondered if I could just make my own by buying the capsules of the various strains of bacteria that are in the starters. It looks like that is what you did by using the Solaray Multidophilus.

I have found three commercially manufactured dairy starter, one is out of stock and not available until late Sep, one has dextrose in it, and the last one is $50 + $15 shipping for 25 grams.

How much of the Solaray did you use and do you know if it is grown on non-dairy cultures? can you share your recipe?

Thanks for sharing your experimentation!

ifly4fun said...

Oops, I meant, I found three commercially manufactured NON-dairy yogurt starters.