Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 2 in Vegas-Sunday

We got up early and had breakfast at a little place in the hotel called Nosh. It’s all pre made sandwiches and stuff brought over from one of the other restaurants in the hotel. Dan had a breakfast croissant and I had a fruit cup. The prices of those were reasonable, the prices of the small bottles of apple juice was outrageous. If I had seen the price I would have stuck with my bottle of water I grabbed before leaving the room. $4.00 each is a little over the top when the fruit and sandwich were $5.00 each.
So after we ate we stopped and talked to someone at the front desk about the refrigerator that was supposed to be in our room. Here’s the background on that. About a week before we left I e-mailed the hotel asking about gluten free info about the hotels restaurants and a refrigerator in our room and they said no problem. So when we got to our room after check in, about 3 pm, Dan called down to ask about it because it wasn’t in our room. They said, oh yeah the request is right here it’s on it’s way up. So we left in our search for the grocery store. Got back and no fridge. Dan called down (this was now 10 pm) and they said it’s on it’s way up. After about 2 more hours Dan went down stairs and they then tell him they are out of refrigerators. Who wee was he mad. So we packed our stuff in ice and went to sleep. So on our way out we stop to tell them to cancel the fridge when one becomes available and decided to just buy a Styrofoam cooler for the week. Went through this whole thing about switching to a suite but it was a smoking room (no thanks!!) and off we went to the Hoover Dam. Whew!
On our way we stopped at the Vegas sign and snapped a few pics.

Hoover Dam was great and we took the full tour and it was very interesting. Here's a few pics.

On the way back to the hotel we came across a largely talked about gluten free friendly fast food place where they only have burgers and fries so the fries are gluten free, the Inn and Out. That place was hopping like crazy and knew what I was talking about when I said gluten free. We sat down and ate and it was good but honestly neither me nor Dan were impressed. The fries had a funky taste and even though the burger was pretty good we felt we could make better at home. It is a good place if you are out and need of some thing to eat though.

That evening we walked the strip for the first time and went to the M&M store and it was cool. 4 stories of M&M everything. Even a floor of Christmas stuff.

We went to the Coke store too and that was a disappointment. Not near enough of anything.

So, anyways, on the way back we spotted P.F Changes on the strip. Wonders of all wonders! I was very excited about this as we had kept our eye out for one since we had arrived. I’ve heard they are great and have a great gluten free menu. Well, we were sat pretty quickly and yes they had quite a gluten free menu. Boy was I excited! I miss Chinese food. Well, not now. I haven’t been that sick in a long long time. I was glutened big time and will never go back to that restaurant. I was assured they knew what they were doing and nope, they apparently did not. Never again.

On the way back to our room I snapped a few pics down the strip. I'm sharing these because Paris was my favorite hotel on the whole strip and not just because out hotel was connected. Just some thing about it was great.

Got back to our room and guess what, a fridge. Darn and we had already bought a cooler. Oh well.

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