Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 3 in Vegas-Monday

First I just want to say that I realize I posted the same pics on 2 different days so here are different pics of the strip.

Well today was Dan’s first day of meetings and I stayed in the room recovering from all the walking the day before and using the internet. I believe I posted about that in my first Vegas post. Not too much planned for the evening. The Steel Workers are putting on a buffet and entertainment. Now when I hear the word buffet from Dan I, as any other celiac does and will tell you, just figure I had better eat some fruit before I leave the room, grab a Lara bar for my purse and figure I will find something gluten friendly later after the show. To my surprise they had a very nice buffet with a great vegetable pick and even oven baked potato skins that I could eat and everything was in it’s own place with very little chance of cross contamination. When you are a celiac you always take a risk of cross contamination when you eat out and we all know that and have our own things that we carry to try to combat symptoms if we have to. Anyways no sickness this night. I was so thrilled and the potato skins were so good I’m going to make them here at home, I just need to find a recipe. Anyways the show was great! It was a singing impersonation show and was a good time.
When the show was over we went over to see the Bellagio fountains. That was cool!

After that we just walked around Caesars hotel and checked out the shops. Here's some pics of Caesars.

And this was in the Cher and Bette Midler store. They are both performing there right now. It's the microphone Bette Midler used on opening night. Can you believe the price!

We even checked out FAO Schwartz. Here’s some pictures of Caesars and FAO Schwartz. I picked up a puzzle of the strip that is 2000 pieces. Good thing I like puzzles huh. And can you believe these prices? I couldn't imagine paying a price like this.


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