Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome to Vegas!

My first thought driving down the strip at 1 in the afternoon after landing. Wow, this is really cheesy and a bit disappointing. I'm not sure what I was expecting but seeing things like the Luxor in person felt like it was an attraction at Disney World and I hated Disney World.

We checked in and spent the first day looking for stores to buy gluten free foods for our room. The first store we managed to find was Trader Joes. What a HUGE disappointment. I could get more gluten free options at my local Meijer grocery store, so why people rave about this store is beyond me. While out we kept an eye out for a gluten free friendly restaurant from my list I had. Let me tell you, I thought I was prepared to eat gluten free in Vegas but I was not at all. we couldn't find anything. So, okay, I'll admit it, we finally found a Walmart and purchased a GPS system (Ha,Ha!!). Technology is awesome! So, we finally found Whole Foods and it was like heaven! What a fantastic store. I wish they would build one with in 100 miles from my house. It would totally be worth a trip once a month or so. So, over 50 miles of driving and stopping at a few stores we found Whole Foods and saw a Chili's and I decided to chance it there and they were really great. Understood everything about gluten free eating and I had a delicious meal and never got sick. We came back to our room after that because after all the flying and driving I had a migraine but I will admit, coming back onto the strip after dark when all the lights were lit up I was much happier with what I was seeing. This was the vegas I was thinking of when I thought of Vegas. Beautiful! Like the 4th of July every night. With the time difference it was like 10pm here but for us it was 1am and I was beat so we went to bed. Here are a few picture I snapped coming back into town.

The balloon and eiffel tower from Bally's Paris. We are staying in Bally's and Paris is attached. Very pretty. We haven't gone up the eiffel tower yet but we will. I bet the view at night is awesome.


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