Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vegas-Day 5 Wednesday

On this day I was not feeling well. Fighting a cold that just would not go away. Dan called and told me to meet him by the entrance to our hotel at 11am so I did. We went to lunch at the Imperial Buffet. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the hotel but it's the one with the auto show in it. You can find it in a guide book I'm sure. Anyways, as always, I get nervous when I hear buffet, especially when I didn't know ahead of time so had no way to be prepared. It turned out to be pretty easy to eat gluten free at this buffet. Lots of plain veggies and some breakfast potatoes and a nice roast beef. It was quite good and I did get a little sick but I think that was from the eggs. When I took that first bite I thought they were a little too fluffy. I don't know why. But it wasn't too bad and I would risk it again and take a better and more careful look at what I choose next time.

We had to be finished and walk back by 12:15 pm to see a special speaker who turned out to be John Edwards and then Barock Obama (I'm sure I am spelling the name wrong)videoed in after Edwards speech. That was a treat. I was sitting in the back of the room so the pictures are a little fuzzy.

This evening we decided to go to Fremont Street and check out old Vegas. The laser show thing was really cool and the place was nice but it seemed to be all souvenir shops and we did find some nice souvenirs and saw some interesting things. This guy was making paintings using spray paint! It was really neat and the paintings were beautiful.

And there were these guys who were in the Guinness Book of World Records for riding 5 motorcycles in this ball of death thing. This show had 3 of them doing it.

And this is a shot from the laser show.

We stopped in to have dinner at a Tony Romas in one of the casinos. I ordered a steak and potato plain and potato skins. One bite of the potato skins and I told Dan it was too crunchy to have been baked. So he went and asked and sure enough they were fried. That will teach me not to ask abut gluten free again. I was having some serious stomach pains the rest of the night. We walked around looking at everything and even played some slots in the Golden Nugget and called it a night.

My cowboy pic is a little fuzzy but here it is.


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