Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A new hobby.

Well, I'm still not done posting about Vegas and I still have a lot to talk about the dining experiences I had there and some very good reviews on a few restaurants but right now I want to talk about a new hobby for me. I'm sure my husband is pulling his hair out with all the hobbies I keep finding myself get into. I have quilting, which I haven't worked on in over a year due to the back pain which I now know is from my arthritis. Once that is under control I will be back to it. I have scrap booking, which is so much fun and I take a ton of pics and develop for it. I also do basket making ad take a class once a week and I love that as well. And now, dadadada..... painting! I've always wanted to learn and took a class with my mom and Susan and learned a lot just in that one class. My hang up was how to use the paints and how to get the shape you want. I learned some techniques that once I get a few supplies I will be off and running. I need tons of practice. Here is the painting I did in class, my very first one ever.

This one is Susan's, which I think turned out pretty good but she said she was going to tell people she painted when she was 5, haha!

Last night I had basket class and finished a basket I have been working on for a year now. No, it wasn't hard and it doesn't normally take that long but this was some thing I was doing in my spare time and just worked on it when I was done on one basket an waiting for on reason or another to start the next one. I love this basket and love the colors. The shaping could be better but I am happy with it. We are starting our fall basket next and I'm looking forward to that one. Here is the one I just finished.

The one last thing to show is what I picked from my garden the other day. I was making a round to see what was growing an check out what I found!

Isn't that some thing?! I've been eating cucumbers already and there are a ton of Roma tomatoes on the vines. I think those will be ready in a few weeks.

Well, I will make sure I finish up my posts on Vegas in the new few days.


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