Monday, July 14, 2008

Vegas-Day 6 Thursday

The final day and day I was not looking forward to. Not only was I sick but check out was by 11 am and our fight wasn't until 11:45 pm so many hours to fill and an over night flight. It wasn't too bad though. We drove the car to the other end of the strip and checked out New York New York, the Excalibur, the Luxor and MGM. MGM was first and did not disappoint. Their lion habitat alone was worth the trip to see. They had a tunnel made from Plexiglas and the lions would lay on top. It was really cool.

The inside of the Excalibur and New York New York were kind of disappointing. The guide book said there were things going on like jugglers but nope, nothing of the sort was going on, just a lot of casino floor and shops.

And this picture I just thought was a hoot.

Now here I wanted to discuss New York New York a bit more because we had lunch there. It was a restaurant called America and had food from all over the U.S. I asked if they could accommodate a gluten allergy (I find it's just easier to say allergy than celiac disease) and they said "no problem". The chef came out and sat with us and asked what I would like from the menu and then told me how he could change it. It was great. He told us all their fryers were dedicated. One for chicken, one for fish, one for potatoes, etc. I asked how he filtered the oil and if it was all filtered together and put back. To me this makes a possibly gluten free fryer unsafe and he stopped mid sentence and said "huh, I never thought about that" so I'm guessing he will look into it and decide for himself weather that makes it unsafe or not. Everyone seems to have different opinions on this topic. Of course mine is that it contaminates all of the oil so I will not risk it. Anyways I had the pot roast dinner and he made the necessary changes and it was delicious and no sickness. He also sent out one of his chefs to make sure everything was okay. I would highly recommend this place to any celiac.

After that we checked out the Luxor. They had a very interesting display from Chris Angel who is doing a how there soon. Here is one of his motorcycles.

After that we went to the movies jut so we could sit for awhile.

A few hours before we had to be at the airport we went to the Stratosphere to go to the top. I'm not a big fan of heights and did you know they have rides up there that go over the edge? People are crazy. It was a great view of the area.

Well, that is it in nut shell. A small amount of what we did and a review on trying to eat gluten free. I was happy to get back to my safe zone.


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