Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vegas-Day 4 Tuesday

This day we woke up and decided to try breakfast at Bill's Steak house across the street. We could see it from our room. I had steak and eggs and hash browns an told them no toast anywhere near my food. I knew it was a risk eating breakfast out but I was happy enough with the results. I did not get sick at all but the quality of steak for the price was so poor it was crazy. Maybe I'm just spoiled by country living and buying sides of beef from local farmers but me and DH both agreed we paid too much for very poor beef quality. The service was really bad too. They weren't that busy yet we sat over 20 mins waiting for service. There were there were other problems but it boils down to very bad service.

Before Dan left for his meeting he told me to find some place nice for dinner so I did some thinking and looking up things in my paper work and decided to try the restaurant in the Eiffel tower in Paris. I walked over there and discussed gluten free with the person who was taking reservations and she told me no problem so I made reservations for 8:30 p.m.

Before dinner we went to the Flamingo to see the flamingos! I love flamingos so that was a treat.

Cool right? And here were some fish they had as well.

So we then went to dinner and it was beautiful. We had a great view of the Bellagio fountains so got to see all the different shows it does and the service was excellent. Our server was prepared for me. Knew what was gluten free and it was so nice. Quite a bit of their menu was gluten free as is and she told me of things that they could change to make it gluten free. It was so nice and I loved it. By the way, this dinner was a celebration of our 15Th wedding anniversary. It was fun and delicious.

This picture our server took. Not the best of me at all but Dan looks good.

Only 2 more days to blog about.

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