Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Time

We had a great Christmas here. Susan liked every thing she got, especially the new cell phone and me and Dan have been having a blast with the Wii we decided to get for each other. Here are some pictures from Christmas morning.

This first one is hilarious. I went to a craft fair a few weeks before Christmas and Binder Park Zoo had a table set up and were selling a few things and I bought Susan a journal and letter writing set called Poopoo paper. It is made using elephant poo recycled into paper. I thought it was genius to do that and have since learned they do it with Panda poo too. All the money went to help elephants in the wild. Anyways here is the picture when she read it and realized what it was LOL.

Susan in her pile of wrapping paper.

This picture is Susan realizing we bought a Wii.

These next picture are us playing a maracas game we got. You have to shake the maracas in time to the music on the game. It's a lot of fun.

This is Susan and her boyfriend. I get a picture of them together every Christmas.

Susan got a ton of books for Christmas this year. I think around 14 of them. 4 of them are a teen vampire series (no, not Twilight). She wanted the Twilight series but I have a problem buying her a series she has recently read since she doesn't read her books twice. I didn't know why she wanted it but I got her this other series instead. I'm planning on reading them as well. I'll read them first as I read a lot faster than Susan. As a gift I recieved Patricia Cornwell's new book and I also recieved Stephen Kings The Stand. The uncut version. My mom has read it before and said it was a really good book. I've seen the movie and love it so I'm looking forward to reading it and all the other books as well. I also have a book called On Strike For Christmas. It sounds like a good one too. Here's my stack that I'm reading right now.

Here I will share pictures from Susan's Christmas concert. This year she was in the chior as well. Some how she get placed in there for her first trimester so she went ahead and sang in the concert even though they are in their second trimester. Then of course the band played and Susan is first chair and had 3 solos. It was a great concert and they finished up with my favorite Christmas song. Susan is the blond in the second row.

Susan playing in the band.

This is the apron I made for my mom for Christmas. She seemed to really like it. Susan picked the fabric.

The gluten free food I made was nothing exciting. It was delicious but no new recipes. The doctor did increase my Lyrica and it seems to be working well so far. He also gave me a prescription to help me sleep at night and it helps with pain and it has been woking very well. It's nice to be getting a decent nights sleep for a change with out waking up constantly because some thing or other hurts. I'm also on some thing called Ultram. It's a pain medication that slowly releases into my system over the day. It seems to be working well too but I may up that one.

Well, I guess that updates every thing and spell check isn't working so I hope every thing is looks and is spelled right.


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