Friday, December 5, 2008

Sewing Room

Okay, This will be a little out of order because I wanted to talk about this before I forgot, haha. Then I will move on to Thanksgiving and other things. Anyways, I was on the fabulous yahoo group Stashbusters yesterday and was suprised. I've been on and off this group for years and had it set to no mail for a year due to all the health problems I was having and it has such a high volume of mail I just couldn't keep up. I decided to reactivate it the other day and have since been enjoying the posts very much. Yesterday some one posted that they put links to websites that listed sewing room pictures. What an incrediable amount of work people did! I so enjoyed looking at sewing rooms and getting ideas. Imagine my suprise to see my sewing room pics from my webshots in the list of one page! Awesome! But then while looking at them I thought "Oh no! That was like 3 or 4 room organizings ago!" so, since Dan just helped me move stuff AGAIN (thanks babe!......he reads my blog you know, what a guy!) anyways he went in a moved my heavy desk and all the furniture where I wanted it this time and I now share with you the way my sewing room looks now. Nothing is staged and the pictures were taken this morning just the way I left it last night. I'm in the middle of making pj pants and a Christmas curtain for my kitchen. Are you ready????

Are you excited????

Okay, okay, I've got to have a little fun once in awhile!

This here is the view of my ironing area from the door.

This is the view of my sewing and ironing area.

This is my cutting area.

This is my part of my scrap booking area and right now it houses my serger since I am working on pj pants. I love this serger. It's a Pfaff Hobby Lock. Awesome serger. The table is one of my favorite. Dan took an old broken up treadle and used the base to make a table for me.

This is a shot of my design area that is above my ironing area and there is a book case behind the ironing board too.

Hey....I only have so much space.

This is a picture of my thread racks and tool rack that hang above the cutting table. The thread rack is a little inconviently placed but it's the only area for them.

This picture shows you how the serge and sewing area is set up. Don't forget that where the serger is is actually my scrap booking table. And with looking at this picture I realize what a mess my scrap book area is! But it is an organized mess and I know where every thing is!

Well, I think I have shown the whole sewing room here. Hopefully I can give someone else ideas or just some enjoyment from seeing it. I will post about Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating in another post.



Sandy said...

Looks well organised to me !!!

Pleased to hear you sounding so cheerful now - the gluten really dragged you down didn't it?

Sandy in South Australia

Char said... your sewingroom as mine is bigger but it is such a mess..when I work, I do not put things I have a long craft table with my Cricut on it and it is also, starting this week, I am going to either blow it up, or clean and organize Char in Mishawaka, IN