Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long time no blog

I amaze myself at how long it has been since my last post. I haven't posted since Christmas time. What have I been doing since then? Not much, mostly reading. The stack I took a picture of got much bigger in the few weeks after Christmas. I has decided I need to buy my books instead of checking them out of the local library. I was tired of finding food and crumbs in the books and they reeked of cigarette smoke. The crumbs worried me the most because most likely they were bread crumbs and I certainly did not want to get sick from a library book! So I finished The Stand By Stephen King, it was a terrific book. Now I'm reading Run for you Life by James Patterson and A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick. I'm just in the begining of both so can not comment about how they are. Any ways since Christmas I've just been taking care of my family, my animals and myself. My arthritis has flared on and off with spring coming and the weather changing so drasticly but I am dealing with it.

So since Christmas Susan did a play with her highschool drama club called Once Upon a Mattress. I know, my eyebrows raised when I heard the title too but it's about the princess and the pea and was an excellent play. Here are some pics of that.

Also, in the time since Christmas I learned to make home made corn tortillas and of course they are gluten free and very tasty!

Susan also made her 4-H basket for the year and learned to dye her own reed.

Here is her basket. It was her first time working with round reed and she took to it right away and here is her basket.

I also had a birthday on February 12. The big 32, yahoo right?

The picture of Susan lighting the candles is funny because when she blew out the match she blew out my candle in the process! So she had to relite them and she had a hard time getting them to light to begin with.

We also hit the annual book sale at our local library. It's easy to remember because it's always the weekend after my birthday. Here's a pic of our haul. Most of them are Susan's. All the Harlequins are hers. I'm not a big fan of the formula fiction love stories. It drives me nuts to read the same story over and over with different names.

And to prove that I do do some sewing every once in a great while here is a picture of a block from a quilt I am working on.

Well I am done for now. This does not compleatly update every thing but it's getting closer. I'll finish updating and sharing more on another day.


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Scottie said...

ow proud you and Dan must be of Susan, she is growing up to be a lovely person like her mother.

That is a super basket and the colours that the dyes created - brilliant !!!!

Are you planning on sharing the recipe/method for making the corn tortillas ?

I have run out of virtual memory so cannot update my blog till I remove some programs.

Sandy in South Australia