Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas decorating & Leftovers

First off I'll share what I did with some of our left over turkey. I made a turkey buffalo pizza. Gluten free of course. It just like the chicken buffalo pizza I make except I had turkey. The ingredients are.....

1 gluten free pizza crust (I make mine from a Better Batter Flour recipe)

left over chicken, or turkey in this case

Gluten free ranch salad dressing

Franks Red Hot sauce


Make your pizza crust how ever it is you make it. I always pre cook mine for about 10 to 15 minutes. Spread as much ranch dressing onto the crust as you and your family would like. Chop up some left over chicken or turkey and toss in a good amount of Frank Red Hot sauce. I don't have an amount, I just make sure it is good and saturated. Then sprinkle the amount of cheese onto the crust that you would like and spread the hot sauced chicken or turkey on top of that and bake until the cheese is good and melted and browned on top a little. After all that is done you end up with this.

I made 2 of these and this is what we had left.

Just enough for Dan's lunch.

I also had an infusion last week and on those days I can't cook so Dan makes what he now calls Dansketti. I don't know if that is how it would be spelled but you get the idea. Here is the dish he made for me.

It was good too! His spaghetti is always better than mine. I have no idea why because we make it the same way but even Susan agrees it's better.

And now I will share a few pictures of our Christmas decorating.

These are 2 new ornaments I bought for Susan this year. A glass blown saxophone and clarinet. Why, because those are the 2 instruments she plays for her high school band.

Here's Dan and Susan goofing around because ever since Susan was little he has lifted her to put the star on top and since she got tall enough to do it herself he always poses behind her now.

And here we are after a job well done!

And this one is Susan and Dan decorating her pine tree outside. She brought that tree home in like the 3rd grade and it was less than a foot high. Hers was the only one in the class that made it. I believe they strung it with 3 strands of lights.

Well, that's all I'll share for now. Blogger is being fussy and not saving or wanting to upload.


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