Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Well I thought I would share our Thanksgiving with you and the gluten free foods I cooked. OF course it was entirely gluten free as it was at home and it was delicious! It was just the 3 of us and I made WAY too much food. I do have a dinner of turkey and a dinner of ham frozen. First off I will say, I made a gluten free pumpkin roll!!! And it turned out awesome and I took it to a friends house that night and it disappeared. I never even got to try it so now I am forced to make another one.

You heard me.................



This here is the gluten free pie crust I made. I took a pamelas bread mix and used the pie crust recipe on the side. The only change I made was I added a few tablespoons of sugar.

The ingrediants.

Crust in pie plate.

Mixing pie and into the ovens.

Finished product.

Delicious! The best crust we've had since going gluten free. Next time I will spray the pie plates as it stuck to them pretty good.

I also made gluten free mac and cheese. Here is is going into the crock pot. I followed the directions exactly and I should have known better!

Looks good right? Turned to complete mush!! I will try this recipe again making modifications. Like maybe into the oven for a bit instead. You know I think I have the ingrediants so maybe I'll try it for dinner tonight.

Here's what Susan did while I cooked.

BTW, that is my chair and laptop thank you very much!

And Dan helped out by eating leftover frosting from the pumpkin roll.

And now will follow a series of pictures of the food I made.

And so I will end my Thanksgiving sharing with a picture of Dan helping with the clean up.

And me.....

"If some one asks for another piece of pie!!"

Am I right people or what.



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Sandy said...

Yep Jamie - you are always right !!! LOL

Sandy in South Australia