Thursday, November 29, 2012

My sewing room

On a quilting group I'm on we have been talking about sharing photos of our sewing rooms. I have shared mine before but I don't think I've shared since Dan made my awesome new cutting table. I also rearranged my sewing room a few weeks ago. This layout works much better for me and makes the room feel like it is bigger. I've always been opposed to having my back to the door but I told myself to suck it up and do it. Well it's fine. I don't know why I had an issue with it but issue resolved. This is the view from outside the door looking in.
This is the front of my cutting table. I left the table top wood because I was too impatient to paint at the time but I will probably paint it white some time down the road. As you can see I didn't bother to clean it up for the photos. I don't mind if you see how messy it is. You can see my large stack of knits for clothes for Alec Daniel. I have a good sized stack of fabric cut out to make pj's for him. I have some Christmas ones cut out too. On the left there is a pile of taped together patterns for a couple of pajama patterns I am trying out to find a go to one for Alec. I love pdf patterns and have accumulated quite a few of them. My tv is up there too.
I have shelves above the table for supplies and you can see I like to hang things I love everywhere and I love bright, bold colors.
This is my sewing desk. I love this desk. We bought it years ago and used it for what it was intended but when we went to lap tops and I finally wised up and decided to use this room for a sewing room and not a junk room I started using it as a sewing table. When I upgraded to a much nicer machine Dan cut it out for me and added supports so my machine bed was level with the desk top. I love that he is so handy and can do anything! I never need a mechanic and never need to hire any one for repairs of any kind or to build buildings. It's awesome! Anyways, this desk is huge and I even have my serger on it permanently with plenty of room for quilting still.
Nothing fancy in this corner. Just my ironing board, some extra machines (there are more in the closet, these just didn't fit) and some books stacked up that don't fit on the book shelves. I do love this oversized ironing board. I bought it years ago with some birthday money my Grandma sent me. It's a nice reminder of her since she has since passed.
This is just the bookshelf. Lots of quilting books and magazines here. That awesome green chest on top is a floss chest to hold my cross stitching floss. It's home made and I bought it off a yard sale site full of floss and had room to add my substantial collection. It was a stained wood that I was not fond of so I spray painted it this awesome green. I do need to touch it up a bit but that will be awhile before I get around to that.
This is the door to my closet. You can not look in there, it is that bad. It is my plan to tear every thing out and reorganize it some time after Christmas.
This is the shelving unit under my table. Lots of craft supplies, fabric, and aida cloth crammed down here. I'm out of room down there.
And that is it. I'm hoping to get those tubs in front of the books case into the closet when I reorganize and also those extra sewing machines. I like an uncluttered space. I work better in one. What am I working on now. Well some of it I can't show yet and some clothes I plan on sewing this weekend but I can show you a gift in progress that I am working on.
Heres a shot of the pattern. This pattern and many more can be found here Wee Little Stitches I can not say enough good things about their patterns and customer service.
And just a shot of Alec so you can see how big this little boy has gotten lately.
So sweet. Bye!


Diana Davis said...

Jamie you could always put a mirror up at your table so you can see behind you. :^)
Enjoyed your post!

Denise said...

I love your sewing room but I must say Alec's photo stole the show. What a handsome guy he is.