Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finished Basket

I really enjoy basket making. You take strips and pieces of wood and make them into awesome baskets and some of them can be very detailed. They always look more complicated than they really are. Eventually you get so many baskets you just don't know what to do with them. I have a friend that I do basket class with that has so many that they are piled into a huge mountain in an extra room in her home. We joke that she has created another layer for mount basket. When I start a new basket I try to think of a use for it. Will it be a decoration on my shelf, a laundry basket. Will it hold apples and other fruits or can I use it to pick the produce from the garden? But lately it is getting to that point where I am running out of ideas for uses and have started a mount basket myself. This newest basket I just finished will not be part of the basket mountain. I created this one with one thing in mind, Alec's Hot Wheels collection. Alec has quite a Hot Wheels collection at my house and at home. Here they are piled into different places, a wagon he likes to pull around, a Mickey Mouse Easter bucket from last year, a Halloween candy pumpkin bucket, you get the idea. So when me and Becky dug through all the reed I had bought for home to use it up I decided I needed a large bushel type basket for Alec's Hot Wheels collection. About the using up reed I had at home. When I cleaned out my sewing room at one time I realized I had a tub full of unused reed for basket making at home. The thing about that is I do not weave at home at all. I prefer to use my time at home for sewing and fabric crafting and I do not have the room to spread out and keep things out that long to work on a basket. Also reed goes bad. It gets brittle and will eventually be un useable. So I took the tub to Becky's and said lets use it up, what can we make? This is my second finish from the tub. Hot Wheels bushel basket.
I'm hoping that its sturdy enough to hold up to Alec. I know it will do what I want it to do but Alec likes to push baskets around and climb in them but hey, who doesn't like a good basket sit. For example....
That's just him chillin, watching Mickey. Obviously, the basket I made would not hold up to this so if he does try this I will have to use it for some thing else until he's older. We shall see. Wish me luck. And progress on the cross stitch gift.

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Denise said...

I love the basket. The size is wonderful.