Monday, November 12, 2012

I missed October....

Ooooopps. I complexly missed posting in October. Thats ok. I got into a sewing slump. Who knows why, they just hit me once in awhile. I had caught a couple of stomach flus from the grand baby and that didn't help and I also was diagnosed with another ailment so I spent time learning about it and learning another new way of eating. That wasn't too overwhelming as I was pretty prepared from having to overhaul my life when I had to go gluten free. I'm still learning and will probably have to be on different meds to help, but that is the way it goes some times. But, I have really gotten back to my sewing in the last couple of weeks an am able to share some awesome work and patterns with you. I was super excited when a pattern designer put out the call for pattern testers for like 6 new patterns and can you believe 4 of those were for boys!? Talk about super exciting. She is really breaking out with new patterns for the boys and this is super exciting as there is a huge lack of patterns for them in the market place. I love her designs because she makes it so you can embellish and change things how you would like. She calls them Blank Slate Patterns Seriously, go check them out. I had the pleasure of testing the Trendy Tuxedo Pants, Trendy Tuxedo Shirt, The Holiday Pajamas, and The Saddle Shoulder Polo Pattern which I don't see up for sale yet but you should jump on it when it does come up because it is such a fantastic pattern. I love it and it is a new favorite for me to make for my grandson now. This is my Holiday Pajamas. You will notice it is not in holiday fabrics. I used some I had on hand and can you believe I have not been able to find any holiday fabrics yet? I will be making a couple of stops later today to see if I can find some, fingers crossed.
I used a too cute Yogi Bear flannel and I love it. It was my first time working with piping and I had a few curse words for it while working but that was more about my zipper foot really. I can officially say I hate my zipper foot for my beloved Horizon. I need to work with it a bit more and I will work with piping again. This is my version on the Trendy Tuxedo Pant. I used a colored denim but it's not as heavy as a regular denim and used a ribbon I had on hand. I wasn't liking my choices until I put them on him and saw how adorable they look on.
This is my version of The Trendy Tuxedo Shirt. I didn't have any plain fabric so I used a cute Charlie Brown fabric that I have had in my closet for at least 10 years. No I am not joking on that. It turned out so cute! My only problem and big disappointment was I used an orange chalk to mark my pleats and darn it it did not come out in the wash! Big time FAIL! But the shirt is still cute as can be.
And finally the Saddle Shoulder Polo. I LOVE this shirt. It is so adorable on. It reminds me of shirts people wore in the early 80's. And I have to say I just love the color combo I chose on this.
I believe I gave you a sneak peek on what I was working on in my last blog post. I was making some decorations for Alec's room walls in his room at my house. It was pretty plain in there and needed some thing to jazz it up. I will have to share that in my next post because I need to take the photos. I took them with my phone and put them on Facebook but forgot to take them with the regular camera so I will do that soon. In the mean time I did take a photo of some thing I am working on now so here is a sneak peek of that project.
Every body needs a Thneed right? And finally Halloween has passed and here is Alec in his costume.
Cutest Mickey ever! Bye!

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