Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A finish!

First I will say I have kind of misplaced the blog that had the turkey soup recipe so until I can find it so I can give credit to who created it it I won't post that recipe, but, since Thanksgiving is coming soon I will be creating my own recipe for use with turkey leftovers so I will post that when it happens.

Now I finally have a finish to report. Not a sewing one but one that has been plaguing me since my arm injury. I have not been able to work on it since before April so I'm very happy to have it done and am very happy with how it turned out. Here's a few pics......

This is a double wall basket, basically 2 baskets in one. First I made the inside basket and then made the outside basket using the inside basket as a kind of mold. The only thing connecting these baskets together is the rim row.

Now I am going to share a small update on the house renovations. I showed you before the laundry area when it was tore apart. It's is far from done but the dry wall is up in the new doggie room and of course a floor and the laundry closet is almost done, floor replaced and dry wall up and the washer and dryer is temporarily in there so I can do laundry until we have the floor laid. Here are some photos...

The upper picture is the dogs room. You can see the framing where the new door will go and the new back door. To the left the room bumps out where the washer and dryer used to be. We are pushing the original door back to remove the new laundry closet, furnace and pantry out of the dogs room. It will be a room that is all theirs and they love their room and really miss it so hopefully we can have them back in it soon.

This next picture is me standing in the new door way of the dogs room showing the laundry closet and there will be bi fold doors on it and the other side of the room will have bi fold doors over the furnace and pantry. The door you see in the photo is the old laundry room door and will be removed and that will be open to the kitchen.

The next pictures is what my master bath room look like right now. It's a little difficult to stand back far enough to get a good picture but you will get he general idea...

The photo with the window is where the garden tub used to be and is where the new whirlpool/shower tub will be and that window will be gone.

The other photo is the other side of the bathroom and the walls you see there are new. The stand up shower used to be there and we used the area to build the new laundry closet.

We still have our goal of having every thing done including my sewing room and all the flooring replaced by Thanksgiving and I think we can do that. Unfortunately Dan had to take a day to change the radiator in his Jimmy an then he took another day to change the oil in all the cars and then yesterday he was feeling pretty bad but he will be hitting it hard again soon. Right now he said all the big work that throws dust and wood particles all over the house is done so I have been working on detailed cleaning to get every thing cleaned up. It's slow going but coming along nicely. That is what I dislike about remodeling, the dust gets into every thing every where.

We have spent all of our Saturdays in October going to marching band competitions. They were good and placed well in most of them. Here are a few photos of some of the formations while they were marching.

Well, I guess that is it for now.


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