Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A quilty finish, renovations and band

A quilty finish to report for the first time in about 3 years. Ever since I first injured my shoulder sled riding. "Come on Jamie, come sled riding with us, you know you want to" Yeah, see what happens, no quality sewing and lots of pain for 3 years, then on vacation, snap, and then surgery.

This quilt I am proud to say is a charity quilt for a charity call Quilt for Kids. They sent me a kit where every thing was cut and it included the backing and I put it together, adding my batting and quilted and finished it. It was so easy and fun. The fabric was vibrant and fun to work with. Now, my child is 16 so I have no idea if this fabric has any thing to do with a cartoon but it sure is adorable.

You can kind of see all the stuff being stored under my cutting table that is supposed to be stored in my laundry room, but any ways......

This is a close up of the quilting and fabrics.

Cute stuff right! Now I'm going to share a picture of Susan from the last game we were at. For some reason the other team did not bring their band so our band did their routine and then added Thriller, It was the best show yet. They sounded awesome. Thriller was great and the crowd love, love, loved it!

Here is an update on our renovations. They are coming along a little slower than we thought but sickness just keeps making the rounds at our house but we finally have the new floor layed in the master bathroom and Dan will start drywalling now and then a short wall will need to be built for the tub surround. So we are getting there and here are a couple of pictures of the floor after it was put in and also the window that we closed up. We did some writing on it for future generations LOL. Oh, and you'll see my golden checking things out.

And I will end this blog with a fun picture of Susan and her friend at Halloween.



Sandy said...

What a lovely vibrant quilt, well done Jamie!
Do you ever record the music produced by Susan's band?

Big P.O.T.B. [pat on the back] for Dan and yourself, your renovations are awesome.

Sandy in South Australia

lulu said...

I love that quilt Jamie, it is so bright and cheerful!