Thursday, December 22, 2011

peanut butter ball play

Every year at Christmas time I make my husband peanut butter balls. They are his absolute favorite Christmas treat of any thing else I make. I have experimented with them over the years and he always says he prefers the originals and not so much the ones I play with. Well how could I possibly let a year go by with this idea for changing the balls up a bit and not try it out? So I did. I made my same recipe as always from my trusty Betty Crocker Cook book and instead of going as normal from there I dumped a small box of chocolate pudding mix in with the powdered sugar. I wanted chocolate peanut butter balls. I also decided to dip them in white chocolate instead of dark chocolate.

Here are the balls layed out drying for a bit before dipping. I did a batch this new way and a batch of the regular style.

Done! And guess which ones are getting reached for first??? That's right, the ones with the pudding mix in it. Can you really go wrong with adding pudding mix to some thing?

Give it a try next time you make these and if you don't make them go and make some! Right now! They are so easy and delicious.


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