Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Epic fail!

You heard me. A crafty failure has happened here. This is not uncommon but don't you just hate to see blogs where every thing is la la la perfect and no one admits to failure?

So my mom gave me this glass ornament a couple of years ago so I can try to do some thing with it. With the new grand baby this year I thought it would be great to cut out a stencil on the silhouette sd and paint Alec's First Christmas onto it. My first mistake was thinking it would be simple *ppffftttt*.

That was hard trying to get it placed decent on there and then to keep it from over lapping and making sure you can see the words still. Sheesh! I finally got it to where it looked just ok and then the glitter paint I used was almost non existent! I could hardly see what I did so I had to switch to a regular paint first and then do the glitter on top. I ended up doing 5 layers I think. Then to top it off when I pulled off the stencil it pulled a bunch of my painted letters off too ACK!!

So in the end I had to scrape every thing off and put it aside to decide on what to do with it now. I have a few ideas and when it is finished I will of course share what I decided on. It will still be an ornament for Alec I'm just not sure how I will go about doing it yet.


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