Friday, December 16, 2011

Dresser re do, not quite done.

So I mentioned the dresser re do. Here's a little background on this dresser I decided to paint. It belonged to my great-grandfather. He bought it when my grandmother was a child if I remember correctly. Normally I would not paint some thing like this and I would let it be but in my younger days I had decided to sand it and try staining in only to find out it was not a wood you would really want to do that with so it has sat in my closet in shame for years holding some of mine and Dans clothes. The quality compared to todays furniture is superior but back then this was not quality furniture. So when we re did the house and finished every thing but our closet we sat for like 2 years with it unfinished. Finally I was searching Pinterest one day and saw people painting old furniture and it just clicked, I could do that with that dresser and paint it my favorite color! Blue! I love blue, most of my house is blue, almost my whole wardrobe is blue. I have decided to paint all my bedroom furniture different shades of blue, except for my bed of course. This is my solution to the horrid wall color I painted. I thought I would like it and I do not but with these blue pieces it will be cool. So this is the first piece I have done, my great-grand fathers dresser. The rest will be done in the spring because I am not freezing my butt off anymore for this, just saying. I am so pleased with the turn out. It needs some major touch up, or some sanding to distress it but I have all winter to decide.
So, did I get a before picture, you betcha, did I get one with all the drawers in it...of course not, only a normal person would think of some thing like that and as you know I am far from normal. So here is a before of the dresser and the drawers already outside getting ready to be roughed up for painting.

Here is it in place in the bedroom. As you can see it still needs drawer pulls that I will order. I will put some vintage ones that are similar to what was on it before. I think I found some I will like. We really like how it turned out. I love the color and it looks good with the wall. Who knows, by spring I may decide to repaint the walls but for now I am pleased.

I hope you like it!



Diana Davis said...

nice job! but I'd have had a hard time painting an antique, LOL

Denise said...

I love it. The color is really nice. Now just find the right pulls and it will be even more wonderful.

Jaayimee said...

I don't think this would be considered an antique but I may be wrong about that.

lulu said...

I like it!!!