Thursday, October 21, 2010

New machine & a finish

First off I will show you my new machine!

Isn't it georgous! I just love it. It sews so nice and has so much room for quilting. Unfortunatly I haven't played on it a ton because I've been pretty sick with some kinds of weird sinus infection or some thing. Also a problem with a tooth that has been so so painful so I have just been a vegetable on the couch the last few weeks.

This is my finish. It's a quilt I started several years ago and got stuck on. I finished it for my moms birthday this year.

Here are a few close up photos.

So I guess that is all I'll post about right now. Blogger is being a pain and taking forever to upload photos.



Shift Worker said...

Nice machine! :^) And that block is fabulous!!

You make me want to sew again!

ANudge said...

Such a cute block, Jaymee - sure your Mom is going to like and and wonderful machine. That's the one I'm interested in, so I'll be happy to hear more as you learn more about it.

Hope you are better soon. Any chance the tooth and the sinus infection are related? I know how abscessed teeth feel so am all sympathy for you.

lulu said...

The tree is so cute Jamie, good for you getting it done with all your pains recently. Yes blogger is slow at getting photos up. I love your machine.

Jaayimee said...

Thank you every one!
I did have a ct scan of my sinuses today and if it is clear it is probably the tooth and I will be off to the dentist immediatly. I will for sure keep updating on the machine.