Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quilty finishes!!

Shocking I know. More than one finish to report on in less than 6 months! Okay, I may not be that bad but I do know how to age my ufo's that is for sure. This first one is my Wizard of Oz quilt. Actually finished with in a few months of buying the kit if you can believe that! It's also the quilt I chose for my Fandom challenge on the yahoo 6500 challenge group. I love the Wizard of Oz so was very excited to find this kit in a quilt shop I was browsing. Sorry about the shadow on this one. I still haven't figured out why it does that some times.

Here is the one I was able to get when Dan got home and could hold it up for me.

So you may be wondering to yourself why are there 2 different blocks in this quilt. Did you notice the green ones in there? Hummm....perhaps I shouldn't have pointed it out but since I did here was my problem. Turns out I was short enough fabric to fussy cut the last 2 blocks so I went back to the shop I bought the kit and of course they didn't have the fabric I needed but had the new line of Oz fabric so I picked one that I thought would blend in well. I like it with the 2 odd blocks.

This is my latest Downy Quilt for Kids quilt. I really loved the fabric they sent. It was so cute!

And a close up so you can see how adorable this fabric is.

I also bought a new machine. I thought and thought until my brain hurt (no wise cracks please) on which machine I wanted. Researched and researched and finally visited a shop that had the 2 I had narrowed it down to and I played with both the Pfaff Expression 4.0 and Janome Horizon. You know how you can tell which machine is right for you just by listening to it? Well it was the Janome that called to me. It's got a ton of neato stitches and the accufeed on it is so great! I love it and Dan did a beautiful job of making the hole in my desk big enough for it and the table that came with it. I did forget to take some photos so I will share those in my next blog post. Yes, I was too busy having fun with it and forgot the photos of it, slap me with a wet fat quarter why don't cha.

Off to work on a ufo that has been waiting for several years to be finished.


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