Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quilting and Peachy

So I have another finish to report! Unbelievable I know but it's true, I swear! This one is not a UFO (unfinished object). It is a kit I purchased a couple of months ago. I actually started it and finished it within 5 days. I haven't done that in a long time. It could have done it in a shorter amount of time but my sewing machine is still giving fits and when it frustrates me I walk away for a day or so. I have decided now to either get the Janome 6600 or Janome 7700. The Pfaff had so many features I wanted but all the bad reviews just could not be ignored. I'm leaning towards the 6600 but I will not for sure when I actually go to purchase and play with them and see which I like better. Anyways on to the finish. Here is an over all picture.

And here are a few various close ups of the quilting and stitches on this little wall hanging. I think it measures only about 20" wide.

I've also gotten my Wizard of Oz quilt pin basted and started the quilting on that one last night. Here are some photos of how I pin basted it. I layed it over the top of my cutting table.

And here is just a look at the quilt top while it is layed out. You might notice a couple of different blocks but I will explain about that when I post it's finish.

And to finish this is just a s couple of shots to show how big Peaches is getting. She is such a good dog and she just loves playing with her toys.


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ANudge said...

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