Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blocks and play

Hi there. Not a ton of sewing or crafting going on here but I do have 2 wall hanging tops ready to be quilted. I've got one more to put together and then I plan on quilting them all at the same time. I did manage to get my quilting table cleared off enough to make some blocks for a friend who has lost a loved one recently. She's a red hatter to I used some fabric I had left from doing my grandmothers red hat quilt more than several years ago.

These are photos of a gift my mom made me for my birthday and I can't remember if I posted any on here so if I did, here they are again but I don't remember posting them.

Cute isn't it! I love it. I'm looking forward to getting my sewing room redone so I can display this on some new shelving I'm planning on putting in. See the little cherry on top....

That is a tiny yo yo. The clover extra small. There is so much that can be done with all sizes of yo yos. I'm still working on a bunch to make a yo yo dog.

Here is an updated photo of the little kitten that showed up not too long ago. If you've forgotten I posted about him on here. I can't believe how bug he has gotten so fast. He is as big as Miss Kitty who is almost 2 now.

This week end has been long! I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my butt in a seat watching Susan's school play Sussecial the Musical. Here are a few photos of it.

This last one is a cast photo.

Yesterday(Sunday)was the last day of the play and was also Dan's birthday!

One of my favorites....

Ha,ha! I love you Dan! Happy Birthday!

Well, that is it for now. Maybe next time I will have a finish to show you.....maybe...



lulu said...

Great photos Jamie, Susan looks so lovely in that photo and HB to Dan.
Like the blocks ...snowballs , that's what I just finished.

Diana Davis said...

LOL I love that last photo!! Too funny! Love your red hat fabrics too. :^)