Sunday, March 14, 2010


So I let the dogs outside yesterday, looked over and saw this.....

Wood pile fell over and took the fence out. Poor Dan spent his day picking up the wood and setting it back up to keep the dogs in. This week he will have to cement about 4 posts back in and we'll need 2 new top rails and a post topper to replace the one that snapped.

Nothing crafty has been going on here. I've been pretty lazy lately with my crafting.
We did buy a new camera so I have been experimenting a little with it. I've never worked with a DSLR so some of the pictures turned out a little fuzzy.

Here is some thing that came to me last week. I was watching one of the goats outside standing at the oak tree in their pen. She stood there all day and I realized she was eating the bark off the tree. So I decided to shoot some pictures of it and to go out about once a week to show a progression of their progress. Here are a couple of the first shots.

A close up.

Isn't that some thing? It will be interesting to see what they do with it. Dan is looking forward to them killing the tree so he can cut it up for fire wood but that should take a couple of years at least. Here are a couple of photos I took of my 2 girls that I really like.

The lovely Miss Priss. She has turned out to be the sweetest goat while Mimi is a bully.

Now look at these pictures of Harry. He loves the winter time and gets so excited when it snows because he can rub all over it. You can see the bliss on his face! We all could learn some thing here. We need to find our bliss!

And then to end here is Susan doing some thing that she loves to do.

Yes coloring! She's got one of the largest collections of crayons I have ever seen.

Well that is it. I will be getting into my sewing room tomorrow to clean it up so I can make some blocks for a couple of dear friends who have lost some loved ones recently. I also plan to work on some UFOs and some art projects I have planned as well as a bit of scrap booking over the next few weeks so it needs a good cleaning up. Now we'll see if I really get any thing accomplished!



lulu said...

The goats are adorable Jamie but why would they eat the tree I wonder. I used to have quite a collection of crayons when I was teaching so understand Susan's love of colouring.
Love your dog..

Diana Davis said...

What a bummer about the fence! I feel for Dan having to keep fixing stuff, lol. He must feel like he'll never get done! Well glad the dogs didn't get away anyway!
The goats are cute. I remember taking my kids to the petting zoo when James was about 4 or 5. We were petting the goats and I felt someone tug on my purse. I looked and it was one of the goats, eating the fringe off my leather purse! LOL! Funny now but it wasn't that funny at the time, cuz it was my favorite purse! ;^)
Anyway Harry looks like a happy dog. Poor Jackie with her new dog; he eats EVERYTHING. He must be part goat.