Friday, November 7, 2008

Catching up on a lot

Okay, so are you wondering where I have been? Well I've been busy so get over it. Just kidding, I've just haven't felt like posting. I actually don't recall right now what my last post was but I'm sure I posted about them diagnosing me with Fibromylagia right? Since I can't remember how far back it's been since I posted I will just pick up from recently. I have been working in my sewing room a lot more lately. Dan moved my furniture around for me (yes..again) and I really like how it is now. I can get through the room with out tripping over anything and can get to my scrapbooking table without moving a ton of stuff. I got my cutting table cleared off and it is ready for cutting out patterns. I quilted a Halloween quilt yesterday that I started like 7 years ago....yep believe it. Next on my list is a wall hanging for my mom that I started 3 years ago. I will share some pictures when they are finished. Speaking of Halloween Susan decided to go as Super Girl this year.

Goof ball right, but darn she's a beauty. Reminds me of myself at her age. don't believe I looked that good once? LOL

My brains have not been with me lately and I sadly forgot to take the traditional picture of her and Dan together.

We also went to Dan's family reunion in October and that was fun. It was his moms sides and his dads and he got to see relatives that he has not seen in years. Unfortunatly some did not come but we were fortunate to have those that did come there. Here's a group picture of every one.

Also in October Susan's band went to a competition and performed their marching routine A Nightmare Before Christmas and got an all A rating! Yay!

This year th band had a game the day after Halloween so they got to dress up while on the field. It was fun to watch.

So fall is here now and it has been very unseasonably warm here. The last three days have been over 70 degrees and today it is 64. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be only in the 40's so Dan is excited about getting the wood stove going and leaving it going. With the thought of cold air coming I am again reminded that I really want to learn to crochet and have never been able to, so I have a goal of learning that this winter. I WILL learn it. I've got to think positive right?

Gluten free cooking....well, I've been working on waffles! We've been having a ton of them with me trying to find a recipe we like the best. I am very close. I successfully made some using Pamela's baking mix and we loved them but Susan is allergic to dairy and there is buttermilk powder in them so I will keep working on it. I made some today using Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Flour and they were delicious but very bread like (I know, that's probably not a very good description) and they were good as waffles but what has me more excited is I think they will be exellent for sandwiches! While at the grocery store I bought some turkey to test out that theroy. I think they will even make great buns for hamburgers and even hotdogs. I just need to cook them so they are done and not crunchy. I'm going to keep working on the waffles and I'm going to test out using the Bob's recipe for sandwiches with my family. They will probably give me a hard time because it's a waffle but hey...they will get over it right. I'll be sure to post pics!



Sue said...

Great update, Jamie. Your daughter is beautiful.

I'm glad you're able to get to some sewing, I know that when I'm short on time or in a funk, it always feels so good to get back to it.

have fun!

Jaayimee said...

You're right Sue, it does feel good to be back at it!