Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gluten free food show & Whew! The work is never done!

This past Saturday Dan took the day off to take me to a gluten free food show in Goshen Indiana. I went last year with my mom and was very impressed so I really wanted to go again. It's put on by CFMC Families Living with Celiac Disease
Support Group and Maple City Market. Maple City Market and a health food store in Goshen that I go to periodically and really like their selection of gluten free foods. The food show did not disappoint me this year. It was bigger and they even had a lunch section where you could purchase a gluten free lunch. Dan really liked the Amy's pizza they had and I really enjoyed my hotdog on the gluten free bun. The one critique I have is my disappointment in Maple City Market. They had so many tables set up where you could sample products and a huge table set up of tons of gluten free foods that they sell in their store and gluten free cook books and would not let you buy a thing! I was so disappointed. They were directing people to their store and I had already driven 30 miles to get there I was not going any farther when I could just go home and order the book or pasta I wanted from Amazon. Last year they let you buy from the table and I spent quite a bit but this year they lost out on mine and probably others business. There was one table that me and Dan were both impressed with. Gluten Free Sensations. They can be found at www.glutenfreesensations.com Me and Dan bought 2 of every product they sold. Their samples were fantastic and we were both very impressed. Here is a shot of their cream of brown rice product.


Also Saturday was busy busy around here. We are getting firewood cut and split for winter heating for our wood stove. I love our wood stove. Dan installed it last fall and it is great. We put in a nice pretty Heartstone Soap stone burner. Pretty and it keeps us nice and toasty all winter long. Here is a picture of all of the hard work I did all day long.

Yeah....I did all that....



Those of you who know me know better than that, but if you believe me than I've got a bridge for sale, haha!

This is actually how it got done.

Now the world makes sense again right. Dan did all the work of lifting onto the wood splitter and I did the tough task of pulling the lever. Dan even was sweet and brought a chair over for me to sit on while doing it. Here is a picture that fits better.

I don't know how he can lift that incrediably heavy stuff and not hurt at all. Amazing. I've always hurt every where no matter what I've done so I just can't imagine it. I guess it was the fibromylagia that I didn't know about.

Here is a picture after a long days work for Dan outside and I wasn't just sitting on my butt you know. I mopped the floors, vacuumed and vacuumed the ceilings while he was working on a lot of that with a neighbor.

Last thing to mention is that I've been going to a pain clinic to try to deal with all of the nerve, muscle and all the other pain from the fibro and they decided to start lidocain infusions and I had my first one yesterday afternoon. They said it could take a few times before I noticed a difference and that it was designed not to take all the pain away but to help lessen the pain. Well yesterday afterwards I was very tired and had a roaring headache for the rest of the night. Today I woke up and the headache is better although still there an I just feel cruddy and I'm not sure, I may have a cold. I know the question here now. Do I feel different after the first infusion? I really can't say I feel different. My knees still hurt. I still have the back numbness and my neck still hurts and my shoulders still hurt a bit but I do think it has dulled it a little so I will save my judgement for after having a few more and see if it helps.

Dinner tonight...chicken casserol. I miss chicken casserol and found the
Progresso cream of mushroom soup that is gluten free and then I have some gluten free pasta and it will be yummy. I will share pictures.


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