Monday, November 17, 2008

Finished projects, can you believe it!

Yes it is true, I have finished projects to report in on and pictures to share. Unbelieveable I know but very true.

First I finally finished the Halloween quilt. I started it some thing like 7 years ago or so. It's been so long no one in the house remembers and Susan quit asking about it every Halloween. Now, some how she decided that I told her the quilt was for her. I do not remember that but she insisted so I gave it to her. I personally think it was a scam and she was taking advantage of my recent extreamly poor memory LOL. The quilting is very poor and I was reminded why I quit doing bed sized quilts. The backing got folded over in spots and that was disappointing but Susan is happy about it so it's all good. That was the last bed sized ufo I had left to do so yippee, wall hangings and snuggle quilt only from now on!

Here is a close up of a corner.

Another finish I have is not a ufo but some thing I just decided I need because I was so tired of ruining my t shirts with grease. An apron! Opps, I should have said...TA DA, an apron!!! Can you picture my hands up and me jumping out there??? So here is a picture of the pattern I made before I cut.

There are some changes I am planning on making and I willmake a new pattern with my changes. I'm going to make one for Christmas. Here is a picture of me modeling the apron. Now, before you view this photo I do have to say, keep in mind that I just got up here so the hair and everything looks really bad.........well.......this is actually pretty much how I look every day. LOL I am not a hair doer and I don't wear make up so what you see is what you get.

Dan took this one while I was making breakfast yesterday. I look half asleep.

This one I took this morning.

Today I am wanting to cut out pj pants and shorts for me and Susan.

This morning we woke up to a nice suprise.

Yes, it's snow! About 2 inches of it and they are say a total of 5 inches. It's still snowing out. I took some pictures when I went to feed my girls this morning.

I'm sure they are confused as to what this white stuff is. Above is Miss Priss observing my cat protectors that escort me to feed them every morning. Below is Mimi having some hot water.

This is my pups out for their morning potty. My golden just loves the cold to pieces. He looks forward to the snow every year. I really should ship hm to a family in Alaska or some thing. He was made for the cold.

And here Molly started barking and the boys were all of a sudden on alert but did not know why she was barking LOL. I didn't know either. I couldn't see anything.

Well, I think that is all the sharing I'm going to do right now. With the snow falling and the fire in my wood stove burning and I've been making Christmas cookies I am very happy right now. Extream pain and all. I'm very excited to get our Christmas decorations up and I'm hoping for a fantastic holiday season. Here is a nice picture to leave you with and warm you up.

I'm making Christmas cookies so will post pics when finished. Yesterday I made my sugar cookie dough and baked pumpkin cookies. Today I will bake the sugar cookies and frost the pumpkin cookies and sugar cookies. YUM!!


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Sandy said...

Well done Jamie!!!

Susan will just have to lend you *her* quilt to decorate with each halloween ;)

Must get some aprons made for me too, yours looks good!

Sandy in South Australia