Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall is coming

School has started (YAY!) and it is getting darned cold in the mornings. My poor goats were shivering this morning due to us having to shave them for fair over Memorial Day weekend so I closed their window for them. It's been a little bit since I posted. I was feeling pretty decent for a few weeks so I took the time to shampoo carpets and clean the house up and catch up on some stuff that needed done. I used the elliptical a few days ago and my right knee started hurting, then over the next few days it got real bad and then my hip and now I am not able to do much again so back to the doctor I will go next week. It's also time to do some thing about my back pain. An MRI said I have 2 bulging disks so I need to do some thing about that.

So, in prep for the fair that stats Sunday the 14th we needed to get pictures of the kids with their goats to hang over their goat pens and we had a hard time wrangling the 3 of ours to get a picture with all of them together. So in the end we ended up having to pull a branch down on a tree they love the leaves of and this is the best of what we got.

And here is one of Susan with her market goat Waffles. I really like this picture of her.

We still have a few things to get done for fair but otherwise we are ready to go on Saturday morning. We will drop the goats and I will clerk all day for a judge and Susan will get judged on all of her still projects which include a pineapple upside down cake, photography, ink on glass, candles, baskets and she will turn in the banner we made for the goat club. It will be a busy week but it is always a ton of fun.

Next I wanted to share a picture of the fall basket I finished a couple of weeks ago. I love how it turned out. The basket was a very simple one with cute additions like the leaves and round reed vines.

I've also been working on some quilts lately which could be contributing to my increased pain in all of my joints and back but I decided that I was tired of not doing the things I like and it helps me to figure out what problems I am still having. I sew for a little bit at a time and then rest my back and joints as needed. It's not helping with the pain much but again at least I am doing some thing I enjoy. So I have finished the top of a spring wall hanging that was a ufo from a year ago and yesterday I pulled out a Halloween quilt that I started about 5 years ago at least! Susan even got to where she quit asking about it LOL. So I cut the first border and will finish that today and hopefully the other 2 borders. Then I will layer the wall hanging and Halloween quilt and get those finished. Then I will be moving onto a wall hanging I started 3 years ago for my mom for Christmas. I love that I am getting this stuff done. And just to prove I am working on it, here is a picture of what I was doing yesterday.

So that is about it for now. I will have lots of pictures to share next week and then some of the band and their routine after next Fridays game. I'm still using the crock pot at least once a week and really like my new one. I made a chicken recipe last week that was delicious! Since it's been so cold lately I think I will make the corn chowder recipe again. Yum! I've also been testing eggs and determined they are definatly making me sick but I suspect it may be a fat thing since my gallbladder is gone and next I will try just egg whites and see if I react to that. Then I will test soy next. Some times this gets old.


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Melissa said...

Hi! I also quilt and basket weave! It's fun to see others with the same interests! I'm a member of Dusting Your Stash group and saw your posts there. Nice to meet you! Melissa in UT