Monday, September 22, 2008

Fair continued & being soy free

Okay, to continue on with the fair and I think I may be able to finish up with it here and move on to some thing else.

So Monday was busy as I said but Tuesday and Wednesday were not. Tuesday I went and fed and a group of us walked around all of the animal barns and at this point the hay in the barnes did not seem to be an issue with me and my celiac disease so I was okay but by Thursday I was sick. That day it could have only been either the hay or soap I was using to wash my hands. By Friday I nailed it down to the hay. Our leader was shaking hay into the pens and I was instantly sick so I stayed out of the barn after that. We also found out that right after the sale it was discovered that some of the turkeys had turkey pox and they locked up the barn and were deciding on what to do. Boy I am glad we did not get any of the turkeys. I was really wanting a pen of them but they all went above our price range. Anyways the big news is Tuesday they judged the banners and my banner for our club won champion! I am very excited about that and already have ideas for 2 more.

Wednesday we went to the crash up derby and Susan and her boyfriend rode rides all evening and that was pretty much our Wednesday. By Wednesday my goat Mimi had a pretty bad cold. Snotty nose, sneezing, all of that but she was otherwise okay, eating and happy to see us.

Thursday, the big day. It's sale day. Time to sell Waffles and we were keeping our fingers crossed that he would sell good. One thing that irritated us was they did not announce that he was the reserve grand champion but Susan had a ribbon on her that her buyer received. He went for 350.00 and we were thrilled. A friend of Dan's bought him and Susan was great, she smiled nicely, laughed when one of the bidders joked with her and after taking him to the barn she came and found her bidder and thanked him for buying and gave him the reserve grand champion ribbon. Here are some pictures of her selling.

First is him getting on the stand. He did a great job and doesn't he look fantastic?

This is during the sale.

So after the sale the kids hang thank you cards up for their buyers. During the auction Dan bid on a goat for us. He goes to the butcher in 3 weeks so he will have an extra 5-10 pounds on him and we should get 45-50 pounds of meat from him I think. He's cute though. When I was pointing him out to my friend who was taking him to her farm he licked me and I told her "Oh he licked me, I can't do it now" LOL. Good thing he is at her house or I could never do it. We've had goat meat in roast form and did not like it but I'm told ground form is very good and very lean. I'll let you know how it is for sure. It feels good that we are fortunate enough to be able to afford to help support the 4-H program and helping these kids who are doing it to keep on with it.

So on Thursday night during feeding I ask my friend to teach me how to milk because I will have 2 to milk in about a year and a half and I need to learn. Unknown to me and my friend Dan was taking pictures. They are great pictures and will be great for a scrap book page.

If you look closely you can see milk coming out from the side I am working on. During that milking episode we attracted a crowd. Milking a goat always attracts a crowd by the way, but this particular crowd had a guy who knew EVERYTHING about how to milk a goat (picture my eye roll here). You know those types of people right. It was fun though and the next day, Friday morning, I tried again and was successful! My friend gave me a nice and very patient goat and I completely milked that goat. Yeah, it may have taken me awhile but I did it and that is what is important, haha. Unfortunately I could not be there for the Friday night feedings and this is why.

Yep, Friday night football game. It was the homecoming game. They've won every game so far with 2 more to go. Here is a close up of Susan marching.

And a picture of Susan and her boyfriend going to the dance.

Saturday I could not feed due to this.

Susan had the opportunity to play with Western Michigan University's band so we bought tickets and went to watch. It was band days and over 700 high school kids were there and this shot is just the middle of the group. It took 3 pictures to get them all in. The show was great. The bands in college do way more during a game than a high school band. Here is a shot of them in the stands.

And just a shot of the field logo.

It was fun to watch and she had a good time. Sitting on their bleachers just killed my back though and the nerves running down my legs. By half time I was in so much pain so we left after their show. Unfortunately they did stuff in the post game show and I'm sorry I missed it but we got the show on video so that was good.

Sunday morning we had to get up super early and be at the fair grounds by 7 am and finally brought our girls home. They both have pretty good colds but Mimi's is worse and Mimi cried for Waffles for a little bit but was better when I put the dogs in their kennel. Their kennel is right next to the goat pen so they kind of look at the dogs as part of their herd I think. Today I'm a little more concerned because there was still grain left and they did not eat their hay. I'm hoping they will be better in a few days.

So that ends our fair experience. It was fun but I'm glad it is over for this year.

So I just wanted to say a word about soy. I'm soy free and sheesh, soy is in everything. It's insane! I was looking at vegetable oil the other day and it is nothing but soy so why is it not just called soy oil? I also went to using a Misto with Canola oil in it because all of the sprays have soy in them too. But I digress. I had a friend from a quilting group I'm on request I share more of the recipes I am making. She is allergic to soy and other things so I'm guessing she would like ideas on dinners and I am happy to accommodate so I will post more recipes. Today I am making pintos and ham. A recipe I got from Fix it and Forget it Lightly and so far it smells good so I will take a picture (hopefully I will remember) and post the recipe and my comments on it.

Right now I am in search of gluten free, soy free, dairy free & egg free Thanksgiving recipes. I need to start some new traditions and this is the first year in a long time that we will be at home and I will be cooking. We usually go to Dan's parents but there is a family reunion in October and Dan decided to go to that and with gas the cost it is and having to find some one to care for our heard of animals we decided not to go down twice. I think it was an excellent decision. First Dan will get to see people he has not seen in years. Second I do not have to worry about cross contamination and not being able to eat during a holiday and third, I really enjoy making Thanksgiving dinner here. So if you have a recipe that fits my needs feel free to point me into the direction of it. It would be greatly appreciated.


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