Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello! I wanted to do a post on decorations I made for Susan's graduation party. Yep, you heard me correctly, Susan had graduated high school! Now in a few months she will move into the next phase of her life, motherhood. In the beginning of August she will have baby boy Alec Daniel and can you believe I am blocked on his quilt..... I know! I really need to get moving on it. I didn't even get Susan's graduation quilt done yet.....I know! So here is a picture of the beautiful graduate.

This is Susan with one of her closest friends Katie. We just love Katie and she has been such a good friend to Susan. I made her a quilt for her graduation gift and she loved it! I was so glad too.

So on to the party decorations. I got these from a tutorial on the blog Made. I love this blog and check it every day. These decorations were a big hit! I even made some ruffled streamers for our friends that live across the street for their little girls 5th birthday party.

I love how it turned out. Susan took all the decoration pictures and she did such a nice job. She takes great photos!

Here are the streamers I made for the birthday party.

I love the color combo on it. they loved them too and they were perfect for her rainbow theme.

Here are the photos we put out for Susan's party.

So that is it! We did it! Ummmm, I mean they did it YAY!



lulu said...

great decs Jamie. Everyone enjoyed the party -thatis so good.Congratulations to Susan.

Denise said...

What lovely decorations for Susan's party. They are so colorful and fun looking. Great job!

Diana Davis said...

Awesome! Tell Susan I said congrats!