Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's try again....

Well since my computer decided to revolt on me before let's see if I can upload after pictures of Susan's room today.

Susan working on her room.

In this one Dan is putting in the base boards and you can see the color of the walls and the black stripe is a section painted with chalk board paint. It turned out really cool too. I may paint a section in my sewing room too.

Susan made her mark on her closet door.

Just a shot of what we've been living with lately. This is Susan's stuff in the living room. Now it's my sewing room stuff. Maybe tomorrow I will find time to post before and afters of that.

Well that is it for today.



lulu said...

Love the colour Jamie , the blackboard is a great idea and Susan's door makes a lovely reminder of whose room it is. Wonderful job of redocorating.

lulu said...

Lulu is me Jamie, my alter ego!!