Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still going

I'm still going on the Wii Fit but.....those of you with fibromyalgia and arthritis will know..... I have had to cut some of the things I do out temporarily while this flair is going on and unfortunatly my favorite thing to do boxing had to be cut out for now while my shoulder that I had surgery on settles down. So, right now I am focusing on yoga and balance games and step. Most things involving my hips are out for right now but I will get back to those soon. My mind wants to get on it and go but my body says not happening. I am still doing 30 mins every day and will stay there for now. It kinda sucks that I'm only 32 and seem to have the body of an 80 year old most days.

So I know I promised New Years Eve photos but I haven't uploaded those yet. Not every post needs photos right. Phoey, I agree....a post is more exciting with pictures but never fear, next time I should have a picture of a finished quilt or two. I put one top together today and have the rows of another done as well.

Well, I only wanted to post so you knew I was keeping on with my Wii Fit challenge. Have you been hoping on your every day so far? I have!

Keep on keeping on! You can do it!



lulu said...

Jamie how's the Wii fit coming along.

Jaayimee said...

It's coming slow. I went into a big flair and was to where I can hardly walk and am having to use pain meds so I had to reduce to just the yoga stretches that did not involve my hips and back and legs too much so that put me down to 2 of them and then the balance games. I also had to miss 3 days from this but I have been able to get back at it lightly. I am still trying to push on though. I do think that they should have a walking program on there. It would be nice if it was some thing similar to the jogging just with walking. Hopefully I will be hitting it hard again soon! Thanks for asking. I need to do a post update soon.