Friday, January 1, 2010

And so it begins!

The year of the Wii Fit. So okay....I didn't do it until 8pm this evening. Thanks to Dan for reminding me that I don't want to miss the first day of my Wii Fit year.

Today I did around 46 mins and ran twice because I wanted to check out what Wii Fit basic run plus was. It was me following a cat and then a quiz about what I saw along the way afterwards. I unlocked a new path so that was cool. I also tried the marching band one and that was a lot of fun and some thing really good for the legs. As always I did the first 6 or so poses of yoga, step, advanced boxing, hula hoop, advanced karate and the running. I may be forgetting some thing there. I'm planning on sticking with those for now. The yoga is really nice. I should be able to touch my toes soon LOL.

New years eve was fun. We had some friends over for games and watched the ball drop. We were up very late so I have been lumpy and sleeping all day.

No pics to share but I have some great ones from new years eve that I'll share another time.



Diana Davis said...

testing 123!!

Jaayimee said...

Coming through loud and clear LOL

lulu said...

Good job Jamie I know it is difficutl for you to exercise.