Monday, April 8, 2013

Cat in the Hat

Just a couple of photos of a quilt I finished last month. The fabric was bought in a fat quarter bundle with a panel included 2 years ago on vacation in Chicago. I held on to it not sure what style of quilt I wanted to make. I find it hard to work with panels because I never want to cut them up so I try to work around them you know. I really like how this turned out even though I was very unhappy with it while quilting it. My machine was giving me such fits. Lots of skipped stitches and snapping thread constantly. After this quilt was done I replaced the bobbin case and the problem seems to be solved. The bobbin case was pretty beat up and worn. Anyways, the blueish green fabric in this quilt I dyed myself and I also used that to back it and bind it. This quilt was made for Alec. I'll have to take a photo of him using it. Its so cute how he climbs onto the couch and covers up with it when he's tired. I even have enough blocks leftover for a baby or toddler quilt which I think I will put together and sell. Makes me nervous to think of selling my work but people seem to love it so why not right. I'll leave you with a photo of Easter cuteness from this year. At our towns local egg hunt Alec was much more interested in filling his bucket with the rocks from the playground than finding the eggs. Bye!

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Denise said...

The quilt is darling and so is Alec. So much a boy to go for the rocks over Easter eggs!