Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Belated post


I'm sharing a post on the pillows I made for *ahem* Halloween.... I know! We are way past Halloween and into the jolly Holiday season now. I'm behind, nothing new there. In fact, if it were on time you may question weather it was even me posting correct? Anyways I made 2 of these as gifts for my mom for her October birthday and 1 for Susan and 1 for myself just because I enjoyed doing them and they turned out very cool. I used my silhouette sd to cut the designs and bought the designs from the silhouette store. Can I just gush about how awesome the silhouette is? It is fantastic and a must for me now. So much fun to make things using it and it cuts so precise it is amazing. So here are my Halloween pillows.

These 2 above were the gifts for my mom. She really liked them as did every one else that saw them.

The 2 about are ones I made for my living room couch for lounging on. Nothing special about them. I just picked a fabric that I really liked and wanted to showcase. By the way, these are still in my living room and it is 2 days until Thanksgiving....just saying...

I apparently forgot to take a photo of the 2 I made for me and Susan. Oh well, they are almost identical to the ones I made for my mom. These will be getting put up on Thanksgiving when I decorate the house for Christmas. What will take their place you ask? well Christmas ones that I plan to make soon of course. I have every thing ready to go except I'm having trouble finding a Christmas fabric I want to use so hopefully I will find some soon. (Should i mention I haven't really looked that hard yet?...nah) I will try to share those before Christmas.

Lastly I do have an outfit I made for the little guy to share. Sadly he has already outgrown the onesie and will only be able to wear the pants for another week or two a the most. The next pair will be made 2 sizes larger so he doesn't grow out of them so fast. It's amazing how long he is getting and how fast. He is now in 9 month onesies and is not yet 4 months old.

Adorable right!

I don't have a photo of him wearing it but I do have a adorable photo of him to share.

Alec's first snow! Taken on November 4Th.

I have been terribly unproductive on my projects lately. I don't know if it's the weather or what but my get up and go got up and went a few weeks ago. Let me know if you've seen it!



Diana Davis said...

Um, your get up and go probably went to find mine! LOL but anyway your stuff you made is all cute. I don't do pillows because I have nowhere to put them! LOL Alec sure is growing fast! Seems like she just had him!

Jaayimee said...

I know Diana! She keeps telling him to stop growing but that seems to make him grow faster LOL.

Denise said...

The pillows are very cute. So is the little boy's outfit. He is growing, WOW!

I agree with Diana D. your "get and go" is with hers and also with mine. I'm pooped!