Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yo-yo's galore!

Okay, so I never had a slight bit of interest in making yo-yo's until I tried the clover yo-yo makers. Now I am making yo-yo's like crazy. I have a couple of patterns with plans to order more and all kinds of ideas on what to do with these yo-yo's. I bought all the circles except the small because I haven't been able to find that one yet and I have the two heart sizes as well. Right now I am making a bunch to make a yo-yo dog. It will be super cute. Here are some photos of what I have been making. In these pictures you will also see the small flower yo-yo maker and the flower yo-yo's I have been making with it. It belongs to my mom (mom, are you checking these awesome flowers out?) and I worked with it so I can show her how to work with it. I'll admit, it took me several tries to get it right. It was not the easiest one to get down. The large one may have been a little easier to work with. I love these things.

This is the little caddy that I use to carry my yo-yo makers and projects around in. I take it through the house depending on where I am watching TV and work on them then.

I just had to share this beautiful hand dyed fabric that I bought on a trip with my mom yesterday. She found it at a craft mall and we went so I could check it out and wow, is this stuff gorgeous! The lady that dyed it was checking us out and was so excited that we were buying it that she gave me 2 of the fat quarters for free and did the same for my mom! Or maybe gave my mom a yard piece of it for free, I'm not sure which she gave her but she bought more than I did to make aprons. Those will be great. I can't wait to see them. (Fooey! Published my post and forgot to add the fabric photos so had to edit, here they are!)

So, last time I posted about a mom challenge for using the jar and cat don't get too excited, I still am not sure what I am doing on that one, but, I was given another challenge by my mom. She found a box of these at Goodwill....

and said "I'd like to see what you can do with it", this one I have a few ideas and will sketch them and then work on the one I like best. This one I know exactly what I am planning on doing and how it will be done. The cat head, I am stuck on what to do with the head part so am still thinking on it.

An update on the heart trees wall hanging....I have embroidered a saying that will go in the dead space and plan on getting it done by Valentines Day, but we will see if it actually happens.....keep those fingers crossed, bwahahaha!

4H basket classes have started! Those are always fun but unfortunately a lot of the kids were telling me about this virus going around school, really ugly thing too so guess who now has it? Susan, and I believe I have the beginnings of it. Great! Here are a few photos of Susan working. It is so obvious that she is not a morning person!

Here is one of the girls I am working with. She is making a very involved double walled basket which basically means 2 baskets in one. She will not get it done in the time we have allotted for class so she will either work with me at my home or at our Tuesday basket classes.

To end I am going to show you the fish that Dan caught ice fishing. He had a great time and now has an ice shanty on his wish list and anything else to do with ice fishing. I am happy he liked it so much and hope he does get the tools needed so he can do it more often. Of course there is another reason I like him ice fishing.....the fish is delicious! The best I have ever had! Check it out....

As you can see in the photo of Dan you have to wear some pretty warm stuff when you are on the ice but he said the ice shanty was actually warm and if I remember correctly he said he took his coat off. Crazy!

The photo of the cats is really dark and hard to see but I got such a kick out of their interest in the bucket of fish. At one point a couple of them had their heads in the bucket.

That's my update, maybe next time I will have a finish to report.



lulu said...

wow your yoyos are great Jamie.
sorryt o hear Susan ws sick, i have been sick too 24 hour something or other , not nice.

Diana Davis said...

Love the fabric! And what are you going to do with all those yoyos! LOL the bucket of fish looks good too. I spent the morning at my brother's house and he was telling me how warm it gets in his ice shanty!
Well hope you all get better soon. Come on, spring!

Sandy said...

your blog works well for me Jamie, just hadn't taken the time to visit for a while.
Is an ice shanty like a tent to have on the ice?
As for your yo yos they look great - looking forward to seeing your dog made up.

Sandy in South Australia